How Did The Wisdom Teeth Earn Their Name?


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Wisdom teeth are given their unique title because of the period in which they grow inside a person's mouth. As a matter of fact, wisdom teeth don't appear in the mouth until a person turns 18 or 20 – the age which marks the arrival of formal adulthood and along with that, gives rise to an additional extent of wisdom and sagacity.

As for the function of the wisdom teeth, they assist in the process of grinding and chewing the food. In the context of structure and quantity, these teeth are the third molars, which are four in quantity right at the back of the mouth situated next to the eight other molars. Normally there are four types of teeth that perform different functions and differ widely in shape and form. The first type of teeth are called incisors, the second is termed canine, the third one is referred to as premolars, while the last kind are known as molars.
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1. They're called "wisdom teeth" because they typically emerge when you're between 17 and 25, when you're supposedly old enough to have gained some wisdom.

2. When your older your wiser, when your older those teeth emerge.

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Actually, in Dutch they called 'verstands kiezen', the word 'verstand' means sense / wisdom. But it also says ' verre - stand ' wich means 'far position'  so; the far position in your mouth. That's the reason why they called 'verstands kiezen' in Dutch.    If you don't understand, look it up on google translate! :)

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