What Are The Various Components Of The Biosphere?


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Lithosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere...
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Bio means life and sphere means any specified area/region. There are three main components of biosphere; lithosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere.
Lithosphere is comprised of the geological areas of earth. It contains the solid rocks and soils of the earth. It may include all the dry area of the land. It is the area where life exists on the land. It is concerned with the chemistry and biology of earth's solid areas. It may be contain the surfaces beneath the earth which are invisible to us.
Atmosphere is the aerial region. It is comprised of the region above the surface of earth up to the area where the space/vacuum starts. Atmosphere is comprised of four layers; troposphere is the lower one where life exists, stratosphere is the next one where ozone layer occurs, mesosphere is above stratosphere and is the coolest one and last but not the least is ionosphere which is the hottest one of the layers of atmosphere.
Hydrosphere is the area comprised of water. Earth is comprised of 70% of water which is comprised of oceans, seas, rivers, streams, underground water, canals, etc.

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