What Are The Coordination Numbers Of Li+ And S2- In The Lithium Sulfide Crystal Shown?


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Li is 4 and S2- is 8

Count the number of sulfide ions surrounding each lithium ion
By looking at the unit cell for , determine how many  ions surround each  ion. It may help to count the number of lines that extend from each  ion.
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The coordinate number of an atom in a molecule is equal to the integer number of atoms present in its nearest neighbors. The chemical formula for lithium sulfide is Li2S. There are two atoms of lithium and one atom of sulfur present in a molecule of lithium sulfide. The molar mass of lithium sulfide is 45.95 grams per mole. The coordinate number of lithium is one because it is surrounded by one sulfur atom. Moreover, the coordinate number of sulfur is two because two atoms of lithium are present in its surrounding.

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