Which One Of These, Abalone, Natural, Conch Or Shell, Is Not A Pearl?


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Marine wealth is accessible in a number of different forms. The resources from our surrounding waters are many and include mineral deposits, food, exquisite flora and fauna and the amazing marine life forms. One of the most intriguing and fascinating forms of marine wealth comes in the form of pearls. Pearls are used to adorn royalty, in jewelry and even sought as wealth. The smooth finish and texture add quality and value to pearls. These marine gifts can be either natural or cultivated. Cultivated pearls are the outcome of induced application, to create or rather duplicate the natural wonder, by man-made means.

There are different kinds of pearls. Among all, the Abalone pearl is the most famous. The Abalone pearl is found off the shores of California, Oregon, Alaska, Mexico, Japan and Australia. Its pastel hue and texture sets apart from the other varieties. The Abalone pearl is also called the Natural Abalone. The conch pearl is also referred to as the pink pearl, on account of its color. It is mainly found in the waters of the Caribbean.

Among the four varieties mentioned, the shell is not a pearl. Abalone, Natural and Conch are well known varieties. They are priced and valued according to their weight, texture and on the basis of whether they are natural or cultivated. Shell is not a pearl variety. In fact, shell is the outer covering that holds and protects the pearl.
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In fact none of the species you have listed is a pearl in itself, but pearls can be acquired from all of them.

Abalone are a kind of shellfish that we also know as mollusks. They belong to the Haliotidae family and Haliotis genus.

Abalones are snail like and they cling to rocks. They are not a form of pearls but they do produce pearls.

Pearls can also be gotten from conches. The great Conch, the scientific name for which is Strombus gigas is usually found in the Caribbean. This conch produces beautiful natural pearls. The colour of the pearl gotten form a conch usually is the same as the colour of the conch shell. Which can be white, yellow and beige to lavender and pink. The last two colours are of the highest value. Conch pearls are unique. When they are held in the light fine Conch pearls display a beautiful flame-like pattern which appears as if it is originating below the surface.
Natural is not any species. In fact all species are natural. Maybe you wanted to ask which one of these produce natural pearls???

Shell is a very generic term. Shells are of many types and all natural pearls lie within some sort of a shell. The most common natural pearl is the one found in the oyster shell. Conch is kind of a shell too and abalones have shells too, in which natural pearls are sometimes found.

I hope this answer helps you. If you need any more info, please feel free to post another question.

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