How Far Is England From America?


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On average, the distance between England and America is over 3,000 miles or above 5,000 kilometers. It's not however possible to find the distance exactly, unless two points are specified. For example the distance between London and New York is 3459.34 miles or 5567.11 Kilometers.
By far the quickest way to travel from London to New York is by plane - with the flight between the two cities normally taking about six or seven hours. Regular flights are operated between these two cities by various airlines, the most frequent of which take place from John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport, New York to Heathrow airport, London.

The Golden Age of Ocean Liners Before the advent of flight in the early twentieth century, the quickest and most luxurious way to travel between the two countries was by ocean liner. From the mid nineteenth century through to the Second World War ocean liners competed to cross the Atlantic ocean in the quickest, most prestigious and biggest ships.

The Titanic The most famous ocean linear of all time is the Titanic, which sought to travel the distance between the two countries in the quickest ever time, which may have contributed to its eventual sinking. Even though icebergs had been spotted in the area and were commonplace in the north Atlantic in April, the captain chose not to slow down in order to try and break the prestigious record. The result of this was that the supposedly "unsinkable" ship struck an iceberg and eventually sunk, with the loss of 1,500 lives, thus becoming one of history's most famous maritime disasters.
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Since it is quite not possible to calculate the approximate distance between these two countries, I shall give you the approximate distance between the two cities of these countries. The approximate distance between Washington D.C., the capital city of United States of America and London, the capital city of United Kingdom is 3,700 miles which equals to 6,000 kilometres which is calculated by geological terms by calculating longitude and latitude of both of these places.
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3,000 miles roughly
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5695 kilometers

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