What Is Attribution Theory?


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The term attribution theory means that it is a concept of the people about the people to measure their behaviour according to their own perception and the circumstances given to them. This theory is important for the manager because they have to deal a lot of people in everyday life. It is important for the manager how the focus on the people. The attribution theory says that when we try to judge the other people we get influence by the other factors which are based on our decision making. People have different believes, goals and emotions so this theory explain how these emotion influence people in making their opinion about the other people.

The attribution theory emphasizes that how people are behaving in certain way. So we get influence in decision making about people. So when we associate this behaviour that is internally and externally caused. Which means that when we talk about the internal behaviour that is we give our personal opinion about that certain person? Externally means that certain outside factors contribute in the decision making of that person. So these two factors contribute much in the behaviour of people. So in this way all this process work and is called Attribution theory.
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It means that when we observe people we tend to develop explanations to highlight why they behave the way they do.

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