Can Someone Please Explain What Real And Apparent Weight Is?


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How do we normally measure the weight of an object? Generally the weight is measured using a spring balance. Weight is generally defined as the force exerted by the object on the scale and is equal to the pull due to gravity on the object. This is called the real weight of the object. Now when the weight of a body is being measured in an accelerated elevator, we observe different values for the weight for the body. This weight is called apparent weight.

Suppose you have a body with mass m Kg. now to calculate the weight of the body we can use the following formula:


Where W is the real weight of the body in Newton. m is the mass of the body in Kilograms and g is the
value of free fall acceleration on earth.

Now consider a case when the elevator is moving down with an acceleration of a. in this case the apparent weight decreases and is calculated as follows:

T = mg – ma

Now what happen when the elevator is moving upwards with an acceleration a. In such a case the apparent eight is greater than the real weight and is given as follows:

T = mg – ma
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Real weight is your ideal of what you should really weigh (for instance, 9 stones). Your apparent weight is what your actual weight is (13 stones, for example.)

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