When Does A Sneeze Occur?


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Normally one feels an irritation or a weird kind of scratching sensation just before the occurrence of a sneeze. In terms of biological explanation that explains the internal reason for sneezing, the logic illustrates that sneezing occurs when the white tissue that is lining the human nose gets inflamed or pestered by an outside factor.

As a result, the body reacts impulsively to this sensation and ergo lets out air as swiftly as possible using both the nose and the mouth, instinctively striving to get ride of the stimulus or stimuli that is the main source of this unwanted irritation.

In ancient times, sneezing was considered to be healthy as it helped the body greatly in getting rid of unwanted germs. People of those times deliberately initiated a sneeze by putting snuff (a kind of fine tobacco) into their nostrils. The placement of the substance tickled and irritated the nose and the white membrane inside it and eventually resulted in a sneeze.
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Sneezing occurs when foreign particles pass through nasal hair to reach the nasal...

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