What Is A Frozen Pelvis?


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Frozen pelvis syndrome is characteristic of advanced (stage 4/deep, infiltrating) Endometriosis and/or pelvic adhesive disease.    In such cases, the organs of the pelvic region - often including the bowels - literally become fused together, hence the name "frozen pelvis."    Surgical lysis and resection, along with removal of the disease if Endometriosis is present, is the customary treatment. However, it should only be performed by a specialist who has advanced laparoscopic skills and a history of treating the disease through excision. It should not be surgically treated by an OBGYN generalist, as they typically do not have experience in effective treatment of such advanced disease and do not possess the superior endoscopic surgery skills necessary to dissect the ligaments, etc. And reach all the disease in all affected areas.    Medical suppression i.e., Lupron is not an option for frozen pelvis, as GnRH drugs and similar hormonal medications have no effect on adhesions, which play a major role in the disorder.    
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I have just been told that I have a frozen pelvis also. My uterus and rectum are fused together. My OB Dr said that it is beyond his expertise. A general surgeon would have to release my rectum and uterus. I have to decide if I want the surgery which would be extensive. I don't know what I am going to do. Has anyone ever had the procedure done? Any advice?

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