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Psycholinguistics, also known as the psychology of languages, is the study of different factors that enable the human brain to understand different languages. Psycholinguistics studies cover the whole process of how human brains get structured and meaningful sentences out of grammar and vocabulary and how they are able to understand text, word and different sentences.

Psycholinguistics is not limited to adults. It also studies the ability of child and infants to understand languages. Psychology, cognitive science, and linguistics are the variant forms of Psycholinguistics that are studied at different levels. Early age scientists had very little knowledge about language production and understanding until Noam Chomsky published his research in the late 1950s. His work urged the other scientists to get a clear picture of language comprehension.

Psycholinguistics basically deals with the two questions as 1) how a human brain processes and stores language.2) what are means of language acquisition? Areas of studies in Psycholinguistics are Phonetics, Morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. There are still some issues in the field of Psycholinguistics whose questions are still to be confirmed. For example, Animal communication has a lot to offer in terms of language understanding how infants would be able to learn the language. Continuous research will definitely help the scientists to solve these issues.
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Language is the most effective medium of communication man has come up with. It is the medium through which he is able to express and understand other human beings and identify with his surroundings. The human anatomy processes complex tasks with great ease and the study of psycholinguistics involves the observation and research on just how verbally communicated information is gathered, understood and used by the brain.

Psycholinguistics is the detailed study of the psychology of language. It helps to study the psychological and neurobiological factors that make it possible to assimilate and apply the languages we identify with. The sphere of research probes into how the brain processes language. This is attempted with the help of external aids like various behavioural experiments, non-invasive medical techniques and eye tracking.

The study of psycholinguistics strives to understand the power of the human brain to receive and act according to the instructions understood from an external factor, language. The medium of language has become all the more important today and this has in turn, fuelled the inquiry into the power and functions of the human brain. The enthusiasm shown in this stream of study is growing steadily. Psycholinguistics adds to the marvel that the human brain is and its capabilities.
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Psycholinguistics is the science of encoding and decoding process in individual communicators.
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Psycholinguistics is, broadly, the study of language development and language use as it relates to the mind.

One of the most influential figures associated with psycholinguistics is Noam Chomsky, who pioneered the idea of a "Language Acquisition Device" or ability, unique to humans, to use language, master grammatical rules etc. Not all psycholinguists accept Chomsky's theory, but the means by which we (especially children) acquire language is still one of the most important areas of psycholinguistic research. Questions like: Are children better at learning languages than adults and if so, why? What exactly happens in the brain to allow you to learn a new word? Etc are in the domain of psycholinguistics. New theories are mostly tested by experiment and observation.

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It's a discipline that describes the psychological processes that help people learn languages, It's pretty interesting, when you read more about it, and I can tell you that for me, the decision to learn french with lingopie was right after I've learned that watching foreign tv shows and movies could actually help you improve your language skills.

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