What Are The Most Famous Landmarks In Germany?


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10 most famous landmarks in germany
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  1. The Romantic Road takes you through beautiful medieval towns, castles, historic hotels, and plenty of fantastic restaurants.
  2. Neuschwanstein, Bavaria is arguably the world's most famous castle.  It's situated in the alps and is said to be Walt Disney's inspiration for Sleeping Beauty.  Built by King Ludwig II in 1869 who hired a theatrical set designer instead of an architect, it is a sight not to be missed.
  3. The Black Forest (Schwarzwald) is a stunning area comprised of hills, valleys, and forests that can be explored by foot, bike, or car.  Don't forget to have a slice of Black Forest Cake while you're there!
  4. The Dresden Frauenkirche, the Church of our Lady was destroyed in the war and left as a pile of rubble for more than 40 years before  reconstruction began in 1994.  Finished in 2005, it is a sight to see.
  5. The Hofbrauhaus in Munich is the most famous beer hall in the world and only serves beer in one litre bottles.  Go for Oktoberfest if possible.
  6. Weimar, Thuringia is in East Germany and was Goethe's home in the 18th century and is also the birthplace of the Bauhaus movement.
  7. The Cathedral of Cologne is the third tallest cathedral in the world.  It's construction concluded in 1880 after 600 years of construction and was true to the original plans drawn up in 1248.  It is the only building in Cologne to survive WWII.
  8. The Brandenburg Gate was built in 1791 as a symbol of peace and when the cold war divided Berlin in two it divided East and West Berlin.  When the wall fell in 1989, Brandenburg Gate became a symbol of reunification.
  9. Christmas Markets are often magical, but few as wonderful as the market in Nuremberg that boasts 180 open-air stalls, beautifully decorated and replete with a dedicated children's market with a steam train and carousels.
  10. Trier is the oldest city in Germany, founded in 16 BC and home to a number of Roman emperors.
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