What Is The Role Of Money In A Modern Economy?


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Money is a price mechanism. Price mechanism operates in the market system through money. It is through money that all incomes and prices are measured. The economic decision of what, where and how to produce are implemented through money. It has importance in production. Money has made producers to purchase the raw materials, combines different factors of production and makes payments to them. Money helps the producer in assessing the cost of production. It facilitates borrowing and lending, helps in calculating rates of interest and making an estimate of profit for the producer. Money helps the consumer to get maximum satisfaction from his available resources. It gives the consumer the power to make purchases of goods. It enables him to draw up a budget. The consumer with the help of money can arrange all his expenditure in such a manner that he gets maximum satisfaction.

Money has helped in removing all the defects and shortcomings of barter economy. Prices are now freely determined with the help of money. Distribution of income to the different factors of production is made in terms of money. Money has made it possible to work out the marginal productivity of each factor of production. So this way money is serving the economy.
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It has a great role in exchanging goods and services..or barter.
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Money plays a big role in the modern economy.. It, it it plays a big role in the exchange of goods and services. Or barter.Demand creates supply Every person strives to earn as much money as possible to increase the quality of their life. This is a good aspiration. Recently I found a very interesting article on how to make good money in real conditions. This information turned my mind upside down.

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