How Do I Send A Fax To The UK?


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Sending a fax to the UK is exactly the same as sending a fax to anyone in your home country with the exception of a dialing code. When you enter their fax number press either +44 prior to the number or 0044. You must then knock off the first 0 of their number. Phone numbers in the UK begin with either ‘01’ for a landline or ‘07’ for a mobile or ‘08’ for a commercial number. Omit that first zero and move straight onto the next number.
The use of fax and email have made international communication as easy as communicating with anyone in your country and has changed the way we do business forever. Fax is short for facsimilie, a document sent over a telephone line. Fax machines have existed, in various forms, since the 19th century, though modern fax machines became feasible only in the mid-1970s as the sophistication of technology increased and cost of the three underlying technologies dropped. Digital fax machines first became popular in Japan, where they had a clear advantage over competing technologies like the teleprinter, since at the time (before the development of easy-to-use input method editors) it was faster to handwrite kanji than to type the characters. Over time faxing gradually became affordable, and by the mid-1980s fax machines were very popular around the world.
They are now becoming less popular and widely used as the use of email has taken over. Email is free, instant, convenient and you can attach many files and documents and send them across the world.
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You need to know the telephone number of the UK fax machine, and then prefix it with your international dialing rules, dropping the first 0 in the number for the UK international dialing code (44)

To dial the UK number 01234 56789 you would key your telephone operators code for an international call (in the UK this code is 00) then the international country code (44 for the UK) and the remainder of the ohone number omitting the initial 0.
So, *I* (I am in the UK) would dial 00 44 1234 56789 (well, obviously I wouldn't because I wouldn't make an international call fo fax my own country!)

There are online services which allow you to send a fax, and many of these will allow you to use the format +44 1234 56789.
The + indicates an international number.
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Make sure you fax line have access of long distance faxing or you can also try internet faxing which has no limit in distance as long as internet is present.
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You can use the traditional way of faxing which uses fax machine or use the quick and secure way of internet faxing.

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