How Are Microbiologists Useful In Hospital Jobs And What Is The Qualification Needed?


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Microbiology is a field of study which deals with the study of micro-organisms. These could be either unicellular or multi-cellular such as eukaryotes such as fungi and protests, and prokaryotes such as bacteria and certain algae. Study of different strains of virus also is a part of microbiology. Microbiology is one of the leading fields of medical research and diagnosis today and hence microbiologists are in great demand in medical field as well as pharmaceutical fields.

Microbiology is a wide subject which includes other branches such as Bacteriology (study of Bacteria), Virology (study of virus), Mycology, and Parasitology (study of parasites). A microbiologist can specialize in any of these areas of Microbiology.

Much research is still ongoing in the field of microbiology as there are many different strains of microbes that we hardly have any knowledge on.
Microbiologists are in great demand in hospitals as infection related diseases are always connected with microbes such as bacteria and virus. They work in technical laboratories performing different lab procedures, analyzing statistical data, and preparing reports. These reports are used by doctors to diagnose the diseases that are ailing the patients.

The qualifications needed for such a microbiologist is a Bachelor of Science degree. If the candidate has completed an intern ship in a clinical laboratory then it definitely adds to the experience.

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