What Is The Classification Of Porifera?


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Classification of the porifera.
The porifera means pore bearings. Animals including this phylum are called as sponges. Sponges are primarily marine animals. There is no tissue level of organization, loosely packed mesenchyme cells are present. The approximately nine thousand species of sponges vary in size from less than a centimetre to a mass that would more than fill your arms.

The animal of the phylum whose member are sessile, asymmetrical or radially symmetrical
Body organized with a system of water canals and chambers.
Cells not organized into tissues or organs.
Approximately 9000 species are present.
It is divided into 3 classes.

Class Calcarea
Spiclues are composed of calcium carbonate. Spicules of this class are needle shaped or have three to four rays.
Ascon, sycon and leucon body types are present in this class. All the animals are marine belongs to this class. Calcareous sponges like leucosolenia.
Class Hexactinellida
Spiclues are composed of silica, usually six rayed. Spiclues often fused into an intricate lattice; cup or vase shaped.
Sycon or leucon body types are found.
Class Demospongiae
Brilliantly colored sponges with needle shaped or four rayed siliceous spiclues or sponging or both.
Leucon body form is present.
Upto 1m in height and diameter.
Include one family of fresh water sponges,songillidae and the bath sponges.
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Kingdom of porifera
class of porifera
family of porifera
order of porifera
class of porifera
genus of porifera
species of porifera
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The answer is sponges and starfish

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