What Is Parallel Testing?


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A technological term that applies to computer applications and software programs, parallel testing is often used in order to ensure consistency. Parallel testing occurs when a new application on a computer is invented and replaces an older version of a similar application on that computer. The testing is carried out in order to make sure that the latest version of that application has been correctly installed and is running correctly. This is important because you don’t want any trouble with your computer’s hard disk or processor, something that could slow down your computer or even damage it. 

If there is a problem and the application does not run as it is supposed to then it might be necessary to remove it and reinstall it. Because of this, it is fairly important not to delete the old application before installing the new one. In some cases, if there is a real problem, then you might not be able to install it at all.

One should employ parallel testing if there is any doubt in regards to the new application, especially if there is already one on the computer that is similar to the new one. (Or just an older version of it.) It can be especially important in applications that are financially oriented. The testing itself can be used to validate the processing.

Sometimes, people run parallel testing in order to copy the settings so that the ones that they used in the older application can still be used in the new one.
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Parallel testing refers to the testing of the new application on a computer which has replaced the older version of the same application that was running on that particular computer. The reason why this testing is done is to ensure that the new version that has been installed is running correctly without any problems creating to the computer's hard disk or the processor. If there is any kind of problem found, the application will be terminated and you might have to uninstall it and reinstall it.

This process should only be conducted if you are having doubts or uncertainties between the two versions of the application. Some people also conduct this test to copy the settings that they have changed on the old version so that it automatically applies to the new version as well.

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