What Are The Factors That Determine Social Class?


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In every society, there are different segments of people with similar characteristics, some of the attributes being that of wealth, income and status. These are few of the factors that delineate and decide the social class that a person belongs to, which in turn, decide the lifestyle that the person adopts too. At times there are shifts in social class, which is most probably a result of change in monetary status of an individual. There are a number of factors that determine the social class of a person, the most important of which are inclusive of income, wealth, occupation (profession or means by which a person earns his / her living), family prestige, value of home and neighbourhood. Nevertheless it is not that difficult of a phenomenon to move from one social class to the other as compared to the past. As opportunities for prosperity have increased as well as the gamut of flexibility has widened as well, it has become relatively easier to move upward in the social structure of a society (specially in developed countries) than it was in the past.

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