What Were The First 13 States Of America?


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New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.
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New England refers to the part of United States that is located in its northeastern corner. It was one of the first settlements of English pilgrims from Europe. The 13 original colonies of New England were as follows:
Rhode Island
New Hampshire
New York
New Jersery
North Carolina
South Carolina
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The first 13 states of America were basically British colonies, that rebelled against British rule in 1775 and gained independence on July 4, 1776. The first 13 states of America are:
1. Province of New Hampshipe.
2.Province of Massachusetts Bay
3.Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
4.Connecticut Colony.
5. Province of New York.
6.Province of New Jersey
7. Province of Pennsylvania.
8. Delaware Colony
9. Province of Maryland
10.Colony and Dominion of Virginia
11. Province of North Carolina
12. Province of South Carolina
13. Province of Georgia
For more information about these colonies, following link can be used;
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New hampshire, rhode island, virginia, connecticut,massachussets
new york
north carolina
south carolina
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Connecticut: 5th to become a state 1788; settled by Puritans from Massachusetts; state laws were model for US Constitution; nickname is Constitution State

Delaware: 1st state 12-7-1787; Delaware's Blue Hen army (named for their leader's pet fighting Blue Hen rooster) turned away advancing British in initial skirmish with great speed and bravery; the 13-star flag was flown in battle here first

Georgia: Last colony settled but was 4th to ratify Constitution and become state; named after King George II

Maryland: Named for Queen Henrietta Maria of England; Known for its valiant army; statehood 4-28-1788; part of state became Washington D C

Massachusetts: Plymouth Rock home; became a state 2-6-1788; once had a carved wooden codfish on the wall of the State House because codfish were a big state industry

New Hampshire: Named for Hampshire County in England; became state 6-21-1788; was heavily explored by both French and English

New Jersey: Land was given to the Governor of the Isle of Jersey in the English Channel for this colony; it would be the site of over 100 battles and skirmishes before the Revolution ended

New York: Named for the Duke of York (brother of King Charles II); statehood 7-26-1788; US Congress met here after Revolution

North Carolina: Home of Roanoke Island's Lost Colony; first child born in America was John White's granddaughter Virginia on 8-18-1587; statehood 11-21-1789

Pennsylvania: Means Penn's Woods, named for William Penn; nickname Keystone State because it is the center of the arch of thirteen colonies; 2nd state 12-12-1787; settled by various religious groups who greatly enhanced colonial life with inventions such as the Conestoga wagon

Rhode Island: Smallest colony and state; not an island, was maybe named for Isle of Rhodes in Aegean Sea; 1st declare independence from England but last of thirteen to become a state because of concerns over being fairly represented in spite of size

South Carolina: Once part of "Carolana" with NC; nickname Palmetto State because fortress of palms kept British warship away from Charleston harbor in 1776 battle; statehood 5-23-1778

Virginia: Home to four of the first five US presidents, and eventually home to four more; site of 1st permanent settlement in Jamestown 1607
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Mary land , South Carolina, north Carolina ,California, New Jersey, Washington , Connecticut , new York , virginia ,boston , alaska
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Massachusetts Connecticut

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