What Are Examples Of Compounds And Mixtures Used In Daily Life?


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To find examples of compounds and mixtures, you'll first need to know what the two terms mean:

  • A compound is made up of different elements joined together by chemical bonds. These elements can only be separated through a chemical reaction.
  • A mixture is various different elements/compounds that are physically 'mixed' together. They aren't chemically-bound, and can be separated using various methods.
What are examples of compounds in every day life?

The following are all compounds that you're likely to come across when you're going about your daily life:

  • Salt- is made up of two elements Sodium (Na) and Chloride (Cl). These elements combine to form Sodium Chloride: The basic compound we know as table salt.
  • Whilst you might not recognize the chemical formula CH3CH2OH, this compound is a chemical many of us consume fairly frequently: Ethanol (which is found in all alcoholic drinks).
Mixtures that we use every day Mixtures can be divided into two categories: Homogeneous and heterogeneous.

A homogeneous mixture has the same consistency throughout. Air is the most common example of a homogeneous mixture.

A common heterogeneous mixture is salad, which is a blend of various ingredients that are physically-combined.
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The examples of compounds used in daily life are: NaCl and C12H22O11.

And the examples of mixtures used daily life are: Air and vinegar.

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