How Much Does It Cost To Put Electricity Into A Newly Built Home?


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Bradd Smith answered
Depends on quite a few things. If the power is close by, then for this instance we will figure from the pole in. The wire first goes to a meter base and then to the main panel. Most modern houses use a 200 amp service with spaces for 40 breakers. For an "average house" you can figure 6 to 8 thousand dollars for the materials and depending on what you have installed 3 to 5 thousand for labour. There are new rules as to types of breakers and their circuit's locations and how far from water a receptacle needs to be before it must be a ground fault receptacle. The electrical wires are installed while the house is being constructed and the finish work after the walls are finished. It is not really more than the plumbing and can be a lot less than the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. There are a lot of variables but this is a good ball park figure based on today's copper prices.

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