What Is Service-system Design Matrix?


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The Service-System Design Matrix is a useful tool for understanding the different elements of a service system. The matrix establishes the relationship between three key factors of service and how these factors relate to service production and delivery.
The first factor is the degree of contact between the consumer and the service provider; the second factor is the opportunity for sales (the greater the amount of contact; the greater the sales opportunity); the third factor of the system is production efficiency (services that require a large amount of customisation and customer input have lower efficiency).
The service system design matrix defines the relationship between sales opportunity (factor two) and production efficiency (factor three) measured against the amount of human interactivity (factor one).
It categorizes six main types of service delivery systems from simple mail contact through to face-to-face total customisation. The matrix is useful as it reveals many of the variables and constraints of a particular service system. It can be used to pinpoint the particular focus on an operation or it can assist in the assessment of the needs of workers within the system.
In reality service design managers can use many theoretical and methodological approaches and the service system design matrix is just one of a multitude of theoretical systems used to accurately design systems in order for them to remain competitive and to continue to attract customers. They go through these rigorous processes so that their business can gain competitive advantages and conquer new markets. Companies that can identify the interests of their customers are able to open up new and hopefully profitable prospects as long as they cultivate service offerings that create better and more pleasant experiences for the customer.
To see an example of the service system design matrix, head over to this site and scroll down (
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The matrix that shows the degree of customer / server contact from lowest contact (mail contact)to the highest contact (face-to-face total customization)

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