What Are The Requirements Of Effective Listening?


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Communications is a unified process of thinking, reading, writing, speaking and listening. Listen is the primary or first step in the process of learning. A good listener is also a good communicator. Always listen attentively with open ears. Listening is the most important non verbal communication. Be in a receptive mood. Work to increase your listening quotient.

The following are the guidelines for effective listening.

1. Listen to what the speaker says and not how said (Delivery).
2. Look for key ideas in the talk. A good listener tries to separate the wheat from the chaff. He must weigh the pros and cons of the task of the speech.
3. Always seek something meaningful in the talk.
4. Guard against getting emotionally involved into the talk. Keep a clear objective head.
5. Make a conscious effort to form good listening habit. Learning is a conscious habit.
6. Avoid making any notes while listening. Make only an out line.
7. Keep your mind on the subject or topic.
8. Note the gestures or body language of the speaker. It saves from boredom.
9. Measure your listening capacity (quotient).
10. Keep your intellectual curiosity alive. All knowledge is empirical. Listen to learn, to perform and to guide.

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