How Does Physics Apply On Appliances Like Electric Fan?


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The Basic Workings of an Electric Fan

An Electric Fans consists of an electric motor fitted to a rotor shaft, which is then connected to a set of blades. An electric current is ran through the motor, via a battery or mains connection. This will turn the rotor which will then spin the blades of the fan. The speed at which the blades rotate depends upon the how much power is present, this can usually be determined via a speed switch, button or knob.

What is the result?

The spinning blades are structured such a way that they capture the air and it is this movement of the air which produces the wind effect that we are familiar with. Depending on the type of fan this can produce a stream of warm or cold air.

What does this have to do with Physics?

Physics is a branch of the Sciences that deals with the study of the interaction between Matter and Energy. There are three states of Matter; Solid, Liquid and Gas which basically covers anything from the smallest atom right through to the planets, galaxies, universes and beyond.

Energy is also all encompassing with Einstein stating that the two in fact where one in the same. What we think of energy in this case though is more commonly termed as motion and force.

Yes, but how does it apply to an Electric Fan?

An Electric Fan is perfect example of Physics in action. Electricity (Energy) is routed through the mechanics of the fan (Matter) producing movement of the fan's blades (Motion) which creates a breeze (Force). This is a very simplistic explanation and there are many overlaps throughout the process between power going into the fan and wind being created by it.
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