Why Do People Repeat Themselves?


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Everyone is forgetting one of the biggest reasons for repeating yourself. It is often age related or an illness thing. As people age, their memory is often one of the first things to go and they forget what they told to who. So, they may tell the same person the same story again & again. Or, if it is illness related (dementia or Alzheimer) they do not remember ever having told the story or having asked the question in the first place. They may repeat the same statement over and over again in a matter of minutes. These instances are not habits or wanting to be paid attention to or seeking to be noticed. It is not something that can be over come, it is something that must be dealt with using love and kindness and understanding.
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The person thinks he-she has not been heard or understood. Some people will not let the other person know that they did this. So, when someone is talking to you, do not interrupt and really try to be a good listener and always say something to let them know that you understand what they said.  Just don't say "yeah" and start talking yourself. Say Hey, that is true! Or I agree! Or, I this-agree! Anything that "lets" the person Know that you understand what was said.  I have seen this done so well, that the other person smiled. He-she was finally listen to and understood! The most popular people are not only great listeners, but will let the person know that they have been heard and understood. Even if one says, what exactly did you just try to tell me? I did not quite get it...
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Could be OCD.

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Perhaps the listener is giving them indication that they don't understand what is being said....the best to you...
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People repeat themselves usually to let you know that they mean what they said...or their is a sign they throwin out that they want you to catch. Usually thats what it is when females repeat themselves

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