What Is The Electronic Configuration Of Helium?


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Electronic configuration is defined as the organization of electrons in an atom and molecule. It is arranged on the basis of the quantum numbers in a specified state.

The negatively charged electrons move towards the positively charged nucleus due to attraction which results in the formation of an ion or an atom. Bound electrons are arranged at a sufficient distance from the nucleus.

The electronic configuration of Helium is 1s2. Helium is a colourless and odourless element which exists in gaseous state naturally. The atomic number of Helium is 2. The atomic weight is 4, 0026. It has a very low density compared to the higher elements. It is considered as a substitute for Hydrogen as Helium is non-flammable. The major concentration of Helium is found in the universe which mostly occurs in the outer region of Earth's atmosphere.
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Helium is a gas and belongs to the 1st period of the periodic table.As it has two atomic it's electronic configuration is 1s2.

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