Who Was The Secretary Of Agriculture During President Clinton's Administration?


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There were two people who held the post of Secretary of Agriculture during President Clinton's administration. The first was mark Espy whose birth name was Alphonso Michael Espy born on the 30th of November 1953. He was the first ever African American person to be Secretary of Agriculture; an office he held from the year 1993 to 1994. Later in the year 1997 he had charges brought against him for corruption. The prosecution put up more than 70 witnesses in trying to convict him and spent around $20 million. All charges against him were dropped.

After him came Dan Glickman born on the 24th of November 194, who held the office of Secretary of Agriculture from the 30 the of March 1995 to the 19th of January 2001. He remained the Secretary of Agriculture even during President Clinton's second term in office.

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