How Are Lasers Used In Today's Medical Sciences? Why Are They Considered To Be So Helpful For Treatment?


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Light Amplified by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation (LASER) is now being successfully used for various treatments; hence it has helped the medical science greatly. Laser treatment is a quick and easy method of treatment as compared to the conventional method of surgery and various other treatments. The emission of the LASER on target area causes it improve thereby making it function properly.

LASER can be used to improve the eye sight. The eye sight is improved drastically and there are very negligible chances of becoming short-sighted or long-sighted.

LASER is also used in the treating skin problems like hair removal, getting rid of the birthmarks, wrinkles and aging spots, etc.

You can visit websites like Wikipedia where you will get exhaustive knowledge of LASER and its use in the medical science. You can also visit the following link to learn about dermatological LASER treatment:
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Well they can be used for all different things.
Lasers can be a light which can reflect andbouce of objects (which is for science)
Lasers can be trated for skin problems like hair removal

(I don't really know lool.x :L)

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