What Is The Difference Between Biodiesel And Ordinary Diesel?


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Although Biodiesel is a standard-diesel equivalent, nevertheless the sources from which its most raw form is extracted is of a biological nature that gives the biodiesel its name as well. These sources could be inclusive of vegetable oils. Moreover the net emissions of carbon dioxide are about 60 percent less from biodiesel than from petroleum based diesel. The reason for this reduction in carbon dioxide emission is the most primary source from which biodiesel is produced is atmospheric carbon dioxide with the aegis of photosynthesis, a process by which plants produce their own food. Moreover biodiesel is a much better solvent than standard diesel. In addition to that, biodiesel is much more biodegradable than standard diesel and has a much lower energy content than diesel fuel. Last but definitely not the least, the price of biodiesel is a little higher than standard diesel. But the difference is compensated in the terms of economies of scale, along with the constantly elevating prices of petroleum. These major difference make biodiesel a unique and distinct commodity than standard diesel.

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