Why Tracheophytes Are Called Vascular Plants?


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Tracheophytes are called vascular plants because of the presences of vascular bundle i.e., xylem and phloem.  Vascular Tissues  Vascular tissues are used for the transport of materials from one part of the plant to the other part of the plant. The vascular tissues are arranged in bundles known as vascular bundles. Each bundle consists of two kinds of tissues, the xylem and the phloem. The xylem is a tissue, which conducts water and dissolved mineral salts from the roots to all parts of the plant. The food synthesized in the leaves, is transported through phloem to the growing tip into the storage regions of the plants.  Successful Land Plants  Vascular plants are the successful group of land plants. They are able to adapt the rough land habitat most successfully and amongst them the flowering plants today has dominated land habitat.  Vegetative and reproductive characteristics  The evolution of following complex vegetative and reproductive characteristics enabled the vascular plants in general and flowering plants specifically to become predominant flora of land:  1 Root, stem and leaves.  2 Vascular systems  3 Protected sporangia  4 Flower and fruits  5 Heteromorphy

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