What Are Full & Half Circuits?


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Worldwide data communication circuits are made of satellites and optic fiber links. These links are operated in cooperation with two or more telecommunication companies usually referred as carriers, when you intend to get a worldwide data communication circuit for your commercial needs.

Your local carrier offer you with two options full circuit and half circuit. In the half circuit condition, your local carriers manages circuit is administer by the overseas carrier and you are responsible for bringing every thing together.
Therefore you will end up communicating with the overseas carrier for the other half of the circuit and doing all the documentation and making payments.

Both of the half circuits are used to realize a full circuit. On the other hand, if your local carrier offers you a full circuit, it means that it will be responsible for managing the full circuit for you and you will get end to end connectivity without the need of talking to a third party. Obviously getting a full circuit for your connectivity needs because there are fewer parties to deal with and a single currency to pay in. on the other hand when acquiring a full circuit, you might not have a lot of options with respect to your circuit path on the other end because you cannot choose who arranges the other half circuits.

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