What Is The Difference Between RAM And ROM?


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RAM is the temporal workspace of the computer
ROM is a storage device that stores the operating system of the computer
RAM is detachable while
ROM is permanently fixed in the computer
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RAM: - Random-access memory provides temporary storage of data and programs during processing within solid-state integrated circuits. Integrated circuits or chips are silicon chips into which thousands of electronic components are attached. In RAM, the two electric states often are represented by the presence or absence of an electrical charge. There are other RAM "FPMRAM, EDO RAM, SRAM, DRAM, BEDO RAM, are types of memory.

ROM: - Read Only Memory, the contents of ROM a non-volatile technology and can be "read only" when you turn on a microcomputer system, a program in ROM automatically readies the computer system for use and produces the initial display screen prompt. Computer almost always contains a small amount of read-only memory that holds instructions for starting up the computer. Unlike RAM, ROM cannot be written to. Flash memory is type of PROM. PROM is a memory chip on which you can store a program.

ROME stores critical programs such as the program that boots the computer. In addition, ROMs, are used extensively in calculators and peripheral devices such as laser printers, whose fonts are often stored in ROMs. A variation of ROM is the PROM.
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RAM (Random Access Memory): RAM is a part of computer hardware which stores the operating system application programs and data or currently running processes kept so that they can quickly reach to the computer's process. The RAM is specially designed for the communication with processor as compared to the other storage devices like hard disk etc. because of its capability of fast data transfer. The data in the RAM stays there as long as your computer is on, and when the computer gets shutdown all the data from the RAM is wiped. The RAM can have different forms e.g. it can be in the form of a module which is to be plugged into the motherboard or it can also be in the form of a discrete microchips which are normally of 256 MB 512 MB.And most of the computers are designed which allows user to add these modules up to certain capacity.

ROM (Read Only Memory):-In addition to RAM there is another type of memory present in the computer which is called the ROM the other form of read only memory is CD-Rom storage, Floppy Disk every computer has a small capacity of ROM that holds enough programming which can load the operating system to the RAM.
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The difference between ROM and RAM
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ROM = READ ONLY MEMORY.   A computer Memory that stores permanently information. This information is constant and cannot be erased or changed,  or lost, even if the electrical power fails or turned off. All PC's contain programs in ROM that execute when the power is turned on (BIOS).    RAM = RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY  A compuiter memory that stores and recalls information in any order or sequence. This type of memory is used for temporary information storage. Access to and from RAM memory is very fast. RAM requires Electrical Power to remember information and all Information in RAM is lost when the Power is OFF.
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RAM is both read and write to
ROM is write to once and read many time
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ROM stands for Read Only Memory. It is more or less a permanent memory that can not be changed.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is a type of memory that can be written and erased many times and very quickly.
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Random Access memory (RAM) Read only memory (rom) both types of memory are chips.

Ram is volatile, meaning when you turn off your computer, Or reboot it everything that was in temporary storage (RAM) is gone. Also, RAM is your workspace, any time you are using your computer Ram is active.  ROM is all of that garbage you see when booting up your computer, ROM contains the factory instructions telling your computer what to do when the power is turned on, ROM are factory instructions that are hardwired, OR preloaded on a ROM chip. ROM is loaded with the instructions that hands your computer over to the operating system, Windows, OR OS X, or Redhat whichever one prefers.
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RAM is memory. Technically, it's Random Access Memory. This is not the memory where your pictures and files are stored permanently. It's more like a small file box on your desk as compared to the big filing cabinet in the back of your room. The big filing cabinet where everything is stored is your hard drive.
More RAM (memory stick type memory) will make your computer run a little faster because it can put more stuff on your desk and within easy reach.
If you need more space for saving programs, then that's your hard drive.
I've never replaced or added a hard drive (yet), but adding memory sticks to your computer is fairly easy, you just plug them in to the slot. The trickiest part is finding what is compatible with your computer.
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The difference is one of improper term usage.

Many people use the term 'memory' to denote space where you store files and programs (ie Hard Drives). This is totally incorrect. That space is 'Storage', not memory.

To use the terms correctly, RAM (Random Access Memory) IS memory. This is the space used by the system to actually process (run) programs and files while running/modifying them. The more memory (RAM) you have, the faster (in general) and more capable your system is. Whereas the more storage you have does not really improve performance, just the amount of data and number of installed programs you can have on your system.

I hope that clarifies things for you, and you have a great day!
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Ram is used to store memory until the comp is off.

Rom is used to store memory permanently which can't be changed or rewritten.

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