What Are The Properties And Uses Of Cast Iron?


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Grey iron is a very useful metal I engineering construction. The main advantages in favour of its use are as follows
Its cheapness
Its low melting point {1150 – 1200 centigrade}
Fluidity when in the molten condition
It is easily machined

A further good property of cast iron is that the free graphite in its structure seems to act as a lubricant, and when large machine slides are made of it a very free- working action is obtained.
The fluidity of iron when in the molten condition enables it to be used widely for making casting of parts having intricate shapes such as the bodies of machines and other components. These are cast with metal from the eupola, in moulds prepared in sand, the moulds being made from wooden patterns
The fracture of grey cast iron shows a crystalline or granular structure and a strong light will give a glistening effect due to reflection on the free graphite particles. The presence of this free graphite is also shown when filing or machining cast iron as it makes our hands black. Cast iron is brittle and may easily be broken if a heavy enough hammer is used
It should be noted that grey cast iron is an ideal material for construction because it can be cast into any shape.

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