What Are The Physical Properties And Uses Of Hydrogen?


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Hydrogen is the first element of periodic table it is a tasteless, colourless, and odour less gas which is highly explosive. Its atomic mass is 1.00794g/mol. It is the lightest element of all the elements in the periodic table. Density of hydrogen is 0.089g/L, its melting point is -2590C, its boiling point is -252.70C. Its heat of vaporization is 0.44936kJ/mol.
Hydrogen is one of the most abundantly used elements in the daily routine like it is an integral part of all the hydrocarbon plastic products being made. Hydrocarbons are in use on daily basis like in shopping bags, shoe soles, car handles and dash boards, bottles, tooth paste tubes and several other daily life products. Some isotopes of hydrogen are also used in nuclear reactors in the form of heavy water. In addition to use in polymers it is also a part of the petroleum products we are using in daily life petrol. In addition to use in petrochemicals it is also used in different systems for fire extinguisher and for the different calibrations. It is also used in cases of weapons like hydrogen bombs, it is also used for the process of hydrogenation of unsaturated fatty acid which are then used in making vegetable oil.
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Hydrogen has a simple atomic structure. It has three isotopes (protium, deuterium, and tritium). Its melting point is -260C, whereas the boiling point is -253C. Molecular hydrogen is colorless, odorless, non-toxic gas. It is almost insoluble in water. It can be solidified at temperatures close to absolute zero. The high inflammability of hydrogen requires it to be handled with great care. Hydrogen burns with very hot and slightly bluish flame. Its density is 0.090g/cm. The bond energy of hydrogen is 431kj/mole and its ionization energy is 1312kj/mole. The electron affinity of hydrogen is -73kj/mole. Its electronegativity is 2.1 and its atomic radius is 0.037nm.
Hydrogen is an important gas used for large scale preparation of important inorganic compounds like ammonia and hydrochloric acid and also for organic compounds for example the vegetable ghee, the methyl alcohol etc. It is also used for the production of the plastics and the pesticides. Liquid hydrogen is used in the low temperature studies. Other uses of the hydrogen include the generation of electricity and extraction of the metals. It is also used as a rocket fuel and in filling weather balloons. Oxyhydrogen flame is used for welding purposes. Hydrogen is separated from oxygen by fractional distillation method.

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