What Is Thermo Regulation In Plants?


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Thermoregulation in Plants
Damages of high temperature
High temperature denatures the enzymes and damages the metabolism therefore harms or kills the plants.
Plants use evaporative cooling to manage with high temperature. Hot and dry weather, however causes water deficiency resulting in closing of stomata, thus plants suffer n such conditions.
Most plants have adaptive to survive in heat stress as plants of temperate regions face the stress of 40 degree centigrade.
Heat shock proteins
These proteins embrace enzymes and other proteins thus help prevent denaturizing.
Adaptations to low temperature
Damages of low temperatures
In low temperature the fluidity of the cell membrane is alters because lipids of the membrane become locked into crystalline structure which effect the transport of solute.
Plants respond to cold stress by increasing proportion of unsaturated fatty acid, which help membrane to maintain structure at low temperature by preventing crystal formation.
Adaptations to freezing temperature
Freezing temperature causes ice crystal formation. The confinement of ice formation around cell wall does not effect as badly and plant survive, however, formation of ice crystals with in protoplasm perforates membranes and organelle hence killing the cells.

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