What Plants Do Skunks Hate?


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Skunks hate marigold and cucumbers for some odd reason. Skunks are a carnivore group which form part of the family 'Mustelidae' which include weasels, badgers, otters and martens. Skunks are conspicuous by its sleek black and white coat and a couple of musky glands at the bottom of their tails.

Skunks are terrestrial animals which love to burrow. Though skunks hate the aforementioned food, they love to gorge on vegetation like leaves, seeds and nuts during the winter season. During the summer season, skunks feed on fruit, insects, rodents and eggs. When threatened, skunks are known to release an odoriferous liquid that can cause choking. Also the anal scent glands of skunks are the defensive weapon used by skunks to ward off their enemies.

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