Can You Describe The Properties Of Transverse Wave Motion?


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A transverse wave motion has the following characteristics:

Crests and troughs: A transverse wave motion is characterized by high points (that look like mountains) and low points (that look like valleys). The high point is called the crest and the low point is called the trough. A transverse wave consists of one crest and one trough.

Amplitude: Amplitude is the maximum displacement, in either direction that a wave reaches from rest. In other words it is the distance from the central position to the peak of the crest or the trough. It is measured in meters (m).

Phase: Two points are in phase with each other if they are moving at the same speed, in the same direction and have the same displacement from the rest position. Any two crests or troughs are in phase.

Wavelength: Wavelength is the shortest distance between any two points on the wave that are in phase. It is measured in meters (m).

Frequency: Frequency is the number of complete waves produced in a second. For example, if two waves are produced in one second, their frequencies will me 2 Hertz. Hertz is the unit of frequency.

Wave Speed: The distance traveled by a wave in one second is described as wave speed. It is measured in meters per second.

Wavefront: An imaginary line that joins all the points that are in the same phase is called a wavefront. The direction of the wave is always perpendicular to the wavefront.

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