Can You Describe The Structure Of Mitochondria?


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Mitochondria are very important organelles of eukaryotic cells, because they are involved in the manufacture and supply of energy to the cell. They are also known as powerhouses of the cell. Under compound microscope they appear to be vesicles, rods or filaments. Most mitochondria are usually 0.5-to1.0 micron in diameter and 2 to 5 micron in length. Under an electron microscope they show complex morphology. Although their number, shape and internal structure vary widely. The size and number of mitochondria varies and depends on the physiological activity of the cell. A double membrane bound mitochondria.

The outer most membrane is smooth, while the inner membrane invagination to form cristae. The cristae project into the matrix, an inner space filed with semi fluid medium that contains DNA, ribosomes and enzymes. The inner surface of cristae in the mitochondrial matrix has small knob like structure known as F1 particles. The mitochondrial membranes are similar in structure to other cell membranes. The space between inner and outer membrane is called inter membrane space.

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