What Are The 3 Kinds Of Technology?


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There are actually more than three types of technology, each of which deals with developing new ideas and processes in different fields. As such it really depends on the type of context you are thinking about technology in.

The most well-known kinds of technology include computer technology, biotechnology and information technology.

  • Computer technology: This involves developing systems for data storage such as USB sticks, networking devices such as smart phones and even social media platforms. It is closely linked with Information Technology as it makes processing complex information from one computer to another very easy and accessible. Developments in this field are what help manufacture the latest offerings in digital music storage or even what information is available through the television screen at home.
  • Biotechnology: This strand of technology covers areas such as genetic engineering. This looks at areas of life such as living organisms and develops methods and procedures to study them. It may look at ways of cloning and will be closely linked to the latest scientific breakthroughs.
Of course there are also many areas where different types of technology may overlap with each other. In addition, there are also the following fields of technology which include but are not limited to the following:
  • Disruptive technology
  • Domestic technology
  • High technology
  • Micro technology
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Process, tools ,and products
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Tools/machines/gadgets, process, products
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1. Assistive technology is technology used by individuals with
disabilities in order to perform functions that might otherwise be
difficult or impossible

2. Medical technology refers to the
diagnostic or therapeutic application of science and technology to
improve the management of health conditions

3. Information technology refers to both the hardware and software that are used to store information
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3 kinds of technology

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