Is There A Possibility That Another Sun Will Appear?


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No there definitely isn't. It takes an unimaginably long time for stars to form out of nothing, literally millions and millions of years. There are other stars in our galaxy, but none are near enough to have real effect upon the earth, and even if they are moving close towards the earth, it will still take millions of years for them to have some sizeable effect. So another sun will not appear.
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No nothing like that is going to happen. God has created this universe with some logic. If another sun will appear than bye bye world Every thing will go boom. There will be too much radiation and ultra violet rays which are very dangerous will enter the earth and destroy it  creating the green house effect and our poor injured ozone layer can only hold the heat and pressure of one sun. Last but not least there can be only one centre point and one main point. If two suns will appear than the whole solar system will become unstable. Like in the atoms. Although the nucleus is made up of different particles(protons.neutrons etc) it combine together and form one nucleus. So i think you got the answer. Thanks
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No, according to the present science, not in the next million years. After that we cannot say anything. Listen, anything is possible in this universe, but there are no such chances because the nearest star is many million light years away from our solar system.
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Additional suns appear every night. They are stars to us, and suns to whatever solar system they might be in.
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nope I don't think so. But if another huge star comes nearer then the scientists will for sure call it the second sun.
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The possibility is very low it will happen in the next million years. In our lifetime the possibility is next to none.

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