What Is The Function Of ICT?


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The functions of Information and Communication Technology will vary slightly depending on the environment they are being used in. Generally the functions of the technology can be considered as; speed and automatic functions, capacity and range, provisonality and interactivity. In order to see how each of these functions of ICT has an influence on the environment it is being used in, it is good to look at an example.

The use of ICT in schools is one that is done regularly and expectedly today. Each of the functions of Information and Communication Technology has an influence on this environment. The speed and automatic functions of ICT, such as copy and paste, spell check, graphing and formulae, allow children to complete more work at a faster pace. They can focus on the content of what they are writing or calculating in order to show that they understand the concept. Using these functions will allow the children to learn how to explain ideas and reason.

The capacity and range of ICT, such as search techniques, selecting reading and knowing what to use, means that in schools is it possible to access historical and recent information immediately. In turn, this allows the children to make informed decisions about finding the data that is most relevant to their task.

The provisonality of ICT, such asadding or replacing text and images, reorganising text and images, saving drafts and changed font size or colour, encourages children to consider the receiver of their work. If the children are writing a presentation, the provisional nature of information will make them think about the audience they are addressing.

Finally, in schools, the interactivity of ICT, such as responding to sound and images and responding to other people's work via the internet or email, gives children the change to engage with the task. It gives the children a wider audience to interact with and can be very motivational.

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