What Are The Dangers Of Ict?


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The dangers of ICT are ozone irritation, repetitive strain injury, eyestrain and back problems. People should be aware of certain safety and health issues with information technology. You should take steps to prevent common problems instead of having to cure these issues down the line.

Ozone irritation
Health experts suggest that the ozone emitted from a laser printer could lead to serious breathing problems. Health experts recommend that a laser printer should be positioned no less than one metre from where a person is sitting and that the area should have good ventilation.

Repetitive Strain Injury
RSI refers to damage to a person’s wrists, fingers and other areas of their body from repeated movements of the wrists and hands over an extended time period. To prevent this condition from happening, your posture should be correct, wrist rests should be used, and five minute breaks should be taken every hour from your typing.

Your eyes could become strained when looking at your computer screen over a long period of time, particularly when working in glare, a bad light or flickering screen. Using a screen filter can help to remove a good deal of harmful rays that are emitted from the computer screen. Use a screen that does not flicker. Take a regular break after every hour that you are working. Use suitable lighting and fit blinds to the windows so as to reduce any glare.

Back Problems
Severe back problems are suffered by a lot of computer users these days. It is more than likely due to an awkward position or poor posture when sitting at your computer. A chair that is fully adjustable could avoid a poor posture. A footrest can also reduce problems. To avoid any awkward movements a screen should be able to turn and tilt.
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    To my mind, ICT has the danger of producing lazy folks in the
    developing world. Some signs of this danger include., people spending
   productive time charting online and playing music at the expense of work.

   Another danger is that ict gadgets could cause diseases like cancer.
   We are becoming suspicious if ICT in not synobnymous with making
   third world countries workless.

   If you have better ideas tell us more impacts of ict on third world countris.

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