I Need To Know About Planting & Caring For A Hydrange? Does It Need More Shade Or Sun Light, A Lot Of Water Or Not, Is Right Now A Good Time To Plant One?


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They best in mostly shade, but not indoors. water daily but make sure there is good drainage. The pH of your soil will determine flower color, more basic you get blue, acidic you get pink neutral light color. They seem to need some time to adjust to new soil, it might not flower for a few months.
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Depending on what part of the country you are in, hydrangeas can do well in shade, but also quite well with about four hours of morning sunlit. They also can withstand drought with some success, moderate watering is all that is necessary. To actually change the color of your flowers without having to change the acidity or alkalinity of the soil you can actually burying a #10 nail near the base (root) part of the plant. Believe it or not this actually works and you will get beautiful pink flowers, to change back to blue, dig up the nail. Also, these plants are quite hardy and withstand winters well especially in the mid Atlantic states. They bloom from early spring until late fall. Mine have bloomed until mid November depending on weather conditions. No specific needs during winter months.
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A plant out of the woods the hydrange that is wild .where to plant full sun or shade and will it make a bush

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