Why Do Millions Of People Of The World Starve?


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At present, there is enough food in the word for everyone. Many scientists believe that the world is capable of producing food to satisfy the population needs for many years. Millions of people starve due to the following reasons:

Unequal Sharing:
People in the rich and industrialized countries can afford to build huge stores of food and eat far more than they need. An average European gets enough food and other materials for 40 people in a poor country.

As living standard rise even further in rich countries, the demand for food will rise resulting in a wider food gap between the rich and the poor. Due to this, the number of underfed people in poor nations could rise even more.

Avoidable waste of food
Up to 50% of food is wasted between the field and the consumer. Poor harvesting causes grain to be spilled and broken open and fruit to be bruised. Damp food grows molds during storage and badly stored food can be ruined by insects and rats.

Growing the wrong crop
Poor countries often use their best land for cash crops, such as tobacco, tea, coffee and other crops that can be sold to rich countries. Though this provides the much needed income, but prevents them from growing enough food to feed their people. Food is therefore imported. If the people cannot afford to pay for the imported food they have to go hungry.

Some country, with several in South-East Asia, export their food, even thought they do not have enough to fulfill the needs of the people.
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People regrrettably in many parts of the world are starving due to poverty, war, migration due to natural disaters, and it is a terrible plight for those who cannot get food or have the means to grow it, or buy it. Alas, poverty and food shortages are quite prevalent in the world and some groups of people, donate food like Oxfam, which is distributed, but still insufficient to truly keep people healthly, as well as in a diaster zone, it is necessary quite of often to distribute water, and man cannot go very long without water, and dehydrate very quickly. Hope Useful.
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Millions of people strave because they put others first or cannot buy because they can't afford the food .
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40% of Americans live below the poverty line; 50% of American children will have used a food stamp in their lives. The average American is not the problem, it's your big banks that own more than 60% of your GDP.

The hundreds of trillions tied up in derivatives trade (which is an illegal business, not to mention counter-intuitive) could create a global Utopia.

There is a sick 'super-class' in this world that are exploiting the rest of us. The average American labourer creates $87 of wealth per hour, and they get paid $12 of that. Most of what is left over is profit (well, only for big business who get extraordinary tax breaks).

Look up resource based economies--money and the scarcity model is the problem
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Millions of people in the world starve due to corrupt governments.Another cause in certain areas is peoples choices.
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Anther reason people starve is meat. There are actuality people that believe that cows and pigs, can and do just live of eating the hay that they walk and crap all over ?...what!!! Think of it this way the next time you look at a human what if you ate them, is that humans meat equal to all the food it has eaten its self? No the human has eaten all its life. Well lets say you had the job of feeding that person so you could one day later eat them, and you only keep it alive for lets say 5 years. A five year old child has eaten well over 50 times its what in the hell would make an animal is any different. Of chorus the united states makes a great deal of money from our meat production, god for bid if it fails. Thats lots less meat and lots more jobless. Well we could always just eat veggies beans and fruits in its place, and had more farmers instead of ranchers that way we would only sacrifice water and sunlight, 2 things that are free need I remind you. And hell if its just beans and fruits and veggies...I could save so much money growing my own. And that way we now have so much more food then we did before. Send some of that over seas...NO BAD IDEA!!! You see the animal kingdom works like this there are less predators then there are pray right and there are more people hungry then there are feed right. There are more poor then rich and more stupid then educated. Witch is what makes being well feed rich and smart special, not every one can and or has this. And what makes being dumb hungry and poor the lower rank any one can fall down there. If you choose not to see it then thats your chose, slavery is very very much alive... None are more hopelessly enslaved then those who falsely believe there free. The world is made up of lower class and upper class. The upper class to manage and the lower class to work. Do you think that you could get some one to spend all day stitching shoes if they didn't need the half a dollar to eat. If they didn't need the half dollar to eat. Key words Need and Eat. And its all so you can rap your feet in a nice and stylish shoe. We can feed every one and we can give every one things like shoes and coats. But us in america can not do it with out sacrifice. We have to empty some of are pockets so that others can have a little in theres. Freedom isn't free, and we need to make the sacrifice.
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Because people don't have money so they can't buy food DUH!

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