Why All People Around The World Always Make Fun Of Chinese?


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Not all people around the world make fun of Chinese. Different people pin point different countries people to affiliate the funny stories and jokes with them. You might have been in a country where people say that all Chinese are dumb. It is not like that. Chinese people are very hospitable and friendly. Their food is great. They are making progress in the world by leaps and bounds. You might say that the people who say bad things about Chinese are envy from the progress of China.
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People make fun of others who are different. Personally, I think they are insensitive jerks. I doubt many people are aware of the great accomplishments and the contributions the Chinese have made to our civilization over the centuries.

When I think back to my childhood, it embarrasses to remember that my parents would say we were going to have "chinks" when they were referring to Chinese food (most of it really isn't Chinese), and I did the same until I knew better. We are taught things by our elders, and at times we have no concept of what we are saying and doing. Other people are so ignorant that it makes them feel superior to those they ridicule. Sometimes you have to consider the source and let it roll off your back. The important thing is for you to be proud of who you are!
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Hi there,
I think different people find different cultures to make jokes about,this does not make it acceptable,but sometimes human beings are ignorant of what can hurt others,I think you should be proud of your heritage as a Chinese.
Please do not get too upset over what silly people think or say.After all you as Chinese know better than anyone else about your own culture.
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Usually jealousy inspires that sort of attention. Let's face it you have a reputation for being very smart and attractive people. You are innovative, and were civilized, and using modern machines, while the rest of humanity was still in diapers. I have several Chinese friends on this site. Even the teens sound so mature and intelligent. Jealousy my friend, and ignorance, which needs to be excused because ignorance loves its own. You are still stereotyped as being wise and intelligent, hard working, and moral people.
Don't let the voices of the few idiot's, drown out the respect of the majority. Sincerely, Pencil
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They make fun of chinese because their language ( they think thats funny). But guess what, at least we smarter than other race.
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Well people around the world don't (atleast I think). I get made fun in school because I'm chinese. They call me Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee and try to "mock" the chinese langauges. I just ignore them, but they are offensive. They call me "chinese kid" or "small eye'd kid" and they don't think thats offensive, if I called them by a race or how they look, they're going to say "That's racists!"

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