Which Country In The World Is The Farthest You Can Get From Ireland?


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Is that in time or space?  As in, how many hours travel or how many kilometres travel?

Okay, using Google Earth, I can come up with a few candidate places, measuring from the approximate geographic centre of the entire Ireland (including the province of Northern Ireland).

The approximate centre of all Ireland is at 7.75 degrees west, 53.2 degrees north.  So the opposite side of the planet (literally about 12,500 miles / 20,080 km away) is 172.25 degrees east, and 53.2 degrees south.  That gets you somewhere in the Antarctic Ocean, between New Zealand and Antarctica.  The nearest bit of land is Campbell Island, an uninhabited research outpost, governed by New Zealand.  It's a wildlife haven.

But you can get nearly as far just visiting other bits of New Zealand, including the Chatham Islands -- at 176 deg. East and 43 deg. South.  Also part of New Zealand.

So New Zealand is basically your answer.

But there are parts of the planet even harder to get to than those places.  The North Pole or South Pole?  North Korea?  Kamchatka Peninsula?  High mountains in South America?  Forests in Borneo and even parts of Africa remain largely unexplored by people, too.  Various islands in the south Pacific and Indian Ocean are tough to reach, too.

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