Do you know which are the Top 5 countries considered the cleanest countries in the world?


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Heck, those countries stay so cold, no one goes outside to litter!!! Lol
no dust in the air when it is all frozen over...

No, really I would had thought Romania would have been on the list. But I knew FULL well that America was not on the list with all of these monkeys who do NOT get the rules or have RESPECT.
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costa rica
i would have thought dubai or abu dhabi but when i searched it up a lot of sites had these in this order
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Tony Newcastle
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The TOP-10 List which I am working off gives these as the cleanest 5 countries, in that order:
FINLAND, Norway, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland.
You seem to have most of them, except Canada, only the other way round.
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How about Singapore?
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Interesting. Sweden has recently been dubbed as the rape capital of Europe.
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A friend of mine who works for the news went to Bahrain and Kuwait. He said there is absolutely not one speck of litter on the streets. He called it 'sureal' it was so clean.
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Canada Sweden Finland Norway Is All I
Canb Think Of Becaise Of Less Smog From Cars

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