Where Does Human Fertilization Occur?


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By fertilization you could be referring to "conception" or simply implantation or possibly "the point where human life commences". However, medically speaking fertilization typically does not ensue in the womb itself, but at the opening of a woman's tube near the ovary. However, there are other cases such as fertilization in the fallopian tubes or ectopic pregnancy. It is the sperms that swim right from the vagina, going through the womb and finally upstream via the woman's fallopian tubes.

The egg, which breaks of the woman's her ovary, is then penetrated by any one spermatozoa. The ovum then reacts such that other sperm are prevented from entering.

Following this act of fertilization you will find that the fertilized egg cell gradually gets sucked all the way through the fallopian tubes right into the cavity of a woman's womb.

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