How Can We Measure The Frequency Of The Human Voice ?


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According to a team of five professors from the departments of psychology and physics at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, the human voice can be measured by analysing the voce of the person, the timing of the voice, the loudness of the voice and the voice quality of the person.

This team of five Scottish professors comprised Professor Stephen N. Malloch, Professor David B. Sharp, Professor A. Murray Campbell, Professor D. Murray Campbell and Professor Colwyn Trevarthen. They measured the human voice by studying the type of communication that goes on between a mother and her infant.

Professors Malloch, Sharp, Campbell, Campbell and Trevarthen concluded that the frequency of the voice of a human being can be measured by various methods, which include the spectrographic analysis method, the method of pitch plots, the method of loudness plots, the method of sharpness plots, the method of roughness plots and the method of tristimulus values.

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