How Many Gallons Of Water In A 12 Ft X 4ft Deep Round Pool?


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First you need the volume of the pool in cubic feet, to get this calculate the surface area and then multiply the result by the depth.
The surface area equals 3.142 x ( 6^2 ) assuming that the 12 foot measurement is the diameter of the pool. This gives 3.142 x 36 = 113.112 square feet.
If the surface area is then multiplied by the depth, 4 feet, the result, 452.448 cubic feet is the volume of the pool.
Given that there are 6.25 gallons of water in one cubic foot then the capacity of the pool is equal to the volume multiplied by 6.25 which gives 2,827.8 gallons, your answer
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7.48 US liquid gallons in a cubic foot, therefore :3381 gallons in you 12' diameter pool.
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How many gallons of water in a 14 ft x 3 1/2ft deep round pool
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1. Calculate the radius

r = 18/2/3.14 feet
2. Bottom area

3.14 x r² = 3.14 x (18/2/3.14)²
3. Volume

3.14 x r² x 4 = 3.14 x (18/2/3.14)² x 4 ft³
 103.18 ft³
Convert cubic feet to US gallon, we can get 103.18 ft³ is about 771.84 US gallon

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