How Do I Find Out How Many Gallons Of Water Is In My Pool?


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Jannifer I don't get that I need help finding out how many gallons can fit in my pool too
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You need to know four measurements which include length, width, average
depth, as well as a multiplier that determines gallons.The formula for the calculation is as follows:

Length X Width X Average Depth X Multiplier = Gallons

For the determination of the multiplier:

Rectangle, square, or free-form pool:multiplier = 7.5.

Round or Oval pool: Multiplier = 5.9

Now for the determination of the average depth:
Measure the shallow end, the the deep end depth. Add all the measurements together and then divide it by two (2).
Now put all the values in the formula and calculate the gallons.

I hope you got it. Have fun on Blurtit!

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